Class 1

Literacy - Our fiction book this half term was Handa's Surprise. We enjoyed learning about the different fruits that Handa put in her basket and used some amazing adjectives to describe them. In golden time we made fruit kebabs using some of the same fruits from the story. (See photos)  We learnt about animals from Africa and wrote our own riddles about our favourite animal. As part of our topic we made bread rolls and in Literacy we wrote instructions for making bread and a jam sandwich.  We wrote a letter to our parents inviting them to come to a coffee morning, where we sold our bread rolls.


Maths - In maths we have been doing a lot of work on number, addition and subtraction. We have used different apparatus and pictures to help us add and take away numbers to 20. We have been counting in twos and counting forwards and backwards in ones. When we made bread we used a weighing scale to find the mass of the flour and a jug to measure the correct volume of water to add to make our dough.


Science - Our topic for science was animals including humans. We learnt the names of parts of our body and thought about our senses and which part of our body is used for each sense.

We learnt about different groups of animals, like mammals and amphibians, and looked at how animals' bodies look different and how they eat different foods.


Topic - Our topic for this half term was food from around the world. We thought about our favourite foods and where they come from. We made bread and then used the bread dough to form the base for a pizza. We really enjoyed making our own pizzas, they were yummy. (see photos) We looked at the art work of Arcimboldo who made paintings of people using vegetables and fruit for their body. We made our own self-portraits using pictures of fruit and vegetables to make our faces.