Class 2


Our topic for Spring 1 was Fabulous Food! Here is some information about all of the wonderful things we did...



In English we explored the book 'Supertato'. We even made some of our own Supertato characters using potatoes! We designed our own evil food character and then used these characters in own short narratives based on Supertato. We also explored many food poems and wrote our own riddles. We wrote information books about food, using the non fiction book 'Look Inside Food' to help us.


In Maths we learnt about about division. We had a market stall in our classroom where we had to share out different foods into equal groups. We also did lots of work on 2D and 3D shapes.


Our Science focus was plants. We learnt about the different foods we can get from plants. We also learnt about the parts of the plants in which they come from. We learnt that a carrot is a root vegetable and that celery is a stem vegetable! We completed an investigation about the best conditions for seeds to grow. We used cress seeds to complete this investigation! We planted a sunflower seed and we have taken it home to look after. Many of our seeds have began to grow because we are looking after them so well. We used the IPads to take pictures or plants and trees growing in our school grounds.


In topic we learnt about  foods that come from different places around the World. Do you know which country Nachos came from? How about pizza and pasta? We used clay to make models of different fruit and vegetables. We explored the colour wheel and learnt about primary and secondary colours. We practiced mixing paints to make these colours. Can you think of a fruit that is yellow? Can you think of a green vegetable? We also used magnifying glasses to look closely at fruit and vegetables and then did some observational drawings. We completed a DT topic where we explored and made fruity jelly pots. We had fun tasting different jellies and we scored them all. We had to follow instructions to make our own fruity jelly pots!

We really enjoyed this topic! Our next topic for Spring 2 is Amazing Animals!

Miss Speight