Class 4

In Class 4 we our current topic is Ancient Egypt. We started off the topic looking at a wide range of Egyptian artefacts. We asked and answered questions thinking about what the artefacts were, what they might have been used for and who they might have belonged to. We have also created a timeline of important historical events that happened in ancient Egypt; such as when the first pyramid was built and the death of Tutankhamun. We had a go at creating our our Tutankhamun death masks.

In Literacy we have started a book called 'The time travelling cat and the Egyptian Goddess'. We have made predictions about what we think is going to happen and have discussed everything that we learnt about Topher in the first chapter. We have also though about why the author chose a time travelling and not any other animal. We discovered that cats were very important in ancient Egypt and use the internet to research why they were so important. We will then use this information to create our own leaflets.

In numeracy we have been using a number of methods to multiply 2 and 3 digit numbers by a 1 digit number. We have looked at the grid method, the expanded written method and the formal written method.

In ICT we have started creating our own games on Scratch called 'Slug Trail'. So far we have created our own character for the game and have made them follow simple commands.

In science we have been learning about states of matter and started off by identifying what objects and materials were solids, liquids and gases. We found out that a man called Joseph Priestly invented fizzy drinks and discovered that the bubbles in fizzy drinks were made of carbon dioxide. We carried out a scientific experiment to see which drink was the fizziest. As a class we worked out that the drink with the most carbon dioxide in would be the fizziest. To investigate this we weighed the drinks whilst they were fizzy and then made them flat and weighed them again. The drink that had lost the most in weight was Fanta Orange, meaning that this was the fizziest drink. We also carried out a quick experiment using lemonade and raisins. We discovered that when you put raising into lemonade they start to 'dance'!