Class 6

Autumn 2

This half term our topic is World War 2. The children are approaching this topic with great enthusiasm and are keen to find out more.  In topic we have created World War 2 timelines, where the children had to order events in chronological and used a number of sources to create the timeline.  We also looked at the reasons as to why World War 2 happened and the found the countries involved on a world map.  We have also learnt a lot about the children who were evacuated during the war.  We thought about what objects we would take with us if we had been evacuated and wrote some diary entries from World War 2 children.  We have carried out a lot of research on Anne Frank and the children found it fascinating that Anne and family lived in hiding for so long!  The children also completed some fantastic sketches of RAF aeroplanes.

In Literacy we have been studying Carrie’s War, a book about 2 children who are evacuated from London to live with Mr Evans and his sister in Wales. We have completed some detailed character studies and written letters home from the two children.  This book has created lots of discussion around the evacuation process and life in general during World War 2.

In maths we have been working with fractions, adding and subtracting them and ordering and comparing them. In some cases we had to first make sure all the fractions had the same common denominator.  We have also worked on simplifying fractions and had to make sure our answers were written in the simplest form.

During our ICT lessons we have been thinking about what makes a good and successful website. We evaluated a number of well-known website, highlighting the positives and negatives of then and suggesting possible improvements.  We then took this into consideration when designing our own websites for Sowerby Village Primary School.  We then had a go at making our websites using hyperlinks to take us to certain pages online.  Once we had created our own websites we worked in pairs to evaluate them, discussing what we liked and thought worked well and what we could do to improve it.

In RE we have been looking at different versions of the Christmas story talking about the similarities and differences between them. We have also thought about the significance of the Christmas story and what it can teach us.

In science our topic this half term is ‘Light’. We have looked at how light enables us to see and found out that although light generally looks white or yellow to the human eye it is actually made up of seven different colours.  Light is made up of the following colours; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.  We learnt an easier way to remember the colours and the order they appear in using a mnemonic ‘Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain’.  We also created some fantastic posters explaining what reflection and refraction are, and how they affect what we see.