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Class 2


Our topic for Summer 1 was 'How our world has changed'. Here is some information about all of the wonderful things we did...



In English we explored the book 'The Ice Bear'. We used the book to help us think about the setting of where polar bears live. We explored different vocabulary to describe the setting. Then we moved on to describe characters, thinking about their appearance, feelings, sensations and personalities. We used all this work to write our own story based in an icy setting. 


In Maths we were busy revising for our SAT's. We covered many different areas, one of which was measuring. We explored making our own ice by filling jugs with water to a specific amount, then carefully pouring them into the freezer bags. 


Our Science focus was living things in their habitats. We looked at where polar bears live and their food chains. We created our own food chains and labelled them with what the polar bears like to eat! We also created our own fact files about polar bears and we found some very interesting facts out. Take a look at some of our work on the corridor display!


In topic we learnt about how our world is changing, we linked this to how the climate change and the choices we make are affecting the world and the animals. We thought about how the climate change is damaging the places where animals live, such as polar bears. We learnt that if the climate change continues to damage habitats, it will destroy all of the ice where polar bears live which means that we will only see them in the zoo, which is not their natural habitat. We thought about how the climate change is destroying the ice, we used our ice from our maths lesson to explore painting with instead of brushes. We made a prediction that the paint would turn watery and the ice will melt... we were correct! The ice melted because of how hot our hands were compared to the ice. We also thought about what changes we could make to try help the environment and stop polluting the air, we came up with some great ideas and we tried hard to make sure when we left the room we turned the lights off. 

We really enjoyed this topic! Our next topic for Summer 2 is ' How has transport improved?'


Miss Finelli