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Class 6

Summer 1

Last half term our topic was Fairtrade.  Here are some of the fantastic things we got up to...

In Literacy we studied the book 'Aubrey and the terrible a ladybirds', in the book we were introduced to Aubrey; a young boy who can speak to and understands animals, and his family.  We used the book to write detailed character descriptions taking into consideration Aubrey's appearance and characteristics.

In Numeracy we worked really hard recapping some of the topics we had studied previously in preparation for our SATs. We had a look at the different methods that can be used to solve questions around addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and used these methods to solve simple and complex problems.  We also carried out a lot of work around fractions and decimals; reminding ourselves how to add, subtract, divide and multiply them with both other fractions or whole numbers.

During our ICT lessons we have been learning how to use Excel to create a whole range of different types of graphs and charts.  We collected our own data on our favourite animals in class 6 in a tally chart.  We then had to transfer this data onto a table in excel before suing it to crete different graphs.  Once we had created our graph we had to use the editing tool to add labels, a title and a key.  We also learnt some simple formula that can be used in Excel to carry out mathematical equations quickly.

In topic we found out what fair trade is and the countries it happens in.  We discovered why fair trade was introduced and wrote our own balanced arguments answering the question 'How fair is fair trade?'  In this piece of writing we had to consider the positive and negative effects of fair trade before addressing which side of the argument we agreed with and why.  We also looked at the journey some fair trade products take before they appear on our shelves and found out about all the different people involved in the process.  Most of use decided that whilst fair trade was a fantastic idea and helped millions of farmers and workers in disadvantaged countries, they still only received a small wage in comparison to what workers in England carrying out similar jobs woudl recieve.

Did you know? The first ever UK Fairtrade Mark banana was sold in the year 2000.

In science our topic was healthy lifestyles.  Throughout this topic we looked at the food pyramid and eat well plate; each of which gives you an indication about how much of each food group you should aim to eat.  As well as looking at healthy lifestyles we also considered what makes an unhealthy lifestyle and the impact this can have on your overall health and lifestyle.  We produced our own leaflets providing you with lots of information about healthy lifestyles and some top tips to ensure you look after your body the best you can.  Here are some of the facts and top tips we included:

  • Try and do at least 30 minutes exercise each day.
  • Don't eat too much fruit as it contains natural sugars, which can be bad for you if you have too much.
  • Make sure you get plenty of sleep, it's more important than you think! 
  • Find a sport or excerise you enjoy as you are more likely to actually do it instead of it becoming a chore.


As you all know we also completed our SAT's this half term and all tried really hard to ensure we did the best we could!

Here are some photos of us enjoying a treat afternoon once we had finished our SAT's!


 End of SATs treat